Results of the NPS’ Geomorphic Hazard Report at WES Site Pleases SCOE’s Board

In March, 2020, Nate Fairchild, Director of Science at the Shasta County Office of Education (SCOE), presented to the Board the result of the National Park Service’s year-long study of geological hazards at the WES site. Following the Carr Fire in 2018, concern was increased over flooding and debris flows as a result of the removal by fire of a great deal of vegetation and its associated roots in the watershed above WES. There is evidence along Paige Boulder Creek of past debris flows down the drainage that carried large granite boulders towards Clear Creek. The above NPS map documents those high flows and maps boulder locations. The cafeteria (Hatcher Hall) and cabins 17-18 will have to be moved due to their proximity to the “red zone” threatened by debris flows. These buildings sit in the “high discharge flood hazard zone.”

The terraces where most of the cabins, meadow, and main WES operations are situated appear to be protected by the adjacent hills and lay outside the dangerous zones identified in this report.

What is the significance of this? Most of the WES site is usable for the school with relocation, modifications, and replacement of certain structures. The SCOE Board was pleased with this information and on April 15, 2020 voted to accept the report recommendations.