Seeking Memories of WES/NEED Camp for the 50th

Photo by Green Chameleon. Used with permission from is calling upon all those who attended as students, cabin counselors, staff, administrators or simply are “fans” of the outdoor education program over the past fifty years to send us a memory. Your memory can be a story, a photo, or even a recorded mp4 file of your voice telling your story or singing an old camp song that you love.

As part of the 50th Birthday Celebration on September 26, we want to share these memories with the public either as displays or virtually on this website. These memories will become part of the public history collection documenting the WES/NEED experience in our community.

Former WES Director, Cassie Simons is spearheading this effort as editor and “collector-in-chief” of this material. You can drop her a note or question at:

For details and terms of use, please return to our homepage and click on “The WES Story Project” in the menu.