Giving Tuesday, Giving Local Starts Now!

On Tuesday, December 1st from 6 A.M. – 8 P.M., people from around our region and beyond will celebrate North State Giving Tuesday! On this day, we’ll unite with a common goal – to transform our community through generosity. You don’t have to wait until December 1, you can begin giving during this early giving period.

This year is different because we are raising money in conjunction with our partners at to eventually rebuild the cabins and move Hatcher Hall (the cafeteria) out of the debris flow zone. In the photo below, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Superintendent Josh Hoines pointed out the proximity of Hatcher Hall to the potential hazard area (in red) during WES’ 50th Birthday Party last September.

You can begin giving today! Similar in format to online shopping, a minimum donation of $10 may be made. You can go online to and browse to our page or use this link that will take you directly to Whiskeytown Environmental School Community’s Giving Tuesday page.

New this year is the opportunity to sign-up as a volunteer. Please make a pledge to volunteer time to WESC as you make your donation. At a time when volunteerism is much needed, consider adding a gift of your time in the coming year to help us kick-off our capital campaign, participate in our socially-distanced workdays in the spring to keep the camp spruced up, or serve on as a board member. At present our meetings are conducted via Zoom. Our Board meetings take place on the fourth Monday of the month except for November and December. If you are interested in attending a Board meeting, send a message to

We will need many hands and hearts to help us attain our goal of bringing children back to WES. There is a lovely poem on our Giving Tuesday webpage that a community member wrote. One stanza stands out:

“Be well, Sister Whiskeytown.
Green sprouts already forming.
Fir will return and Osprey fly above.
Children will giggle and lunches served on sandy shores.
This we know.”

Through your generous donation, help those giggles return sooner than later.

An osprey at Whiskeytown Lake refurbishing its nest for the coming spring. Photo courtesy of Tim Kashuba.