Rotary Club of East Redding Ceremony at WES This Thursday

Thank you East Redding Rotary for your generosity!

You are invited, Thursday, January 14th, at 1:15pm, to see Sammy Salmon visit the campus of Whiskeytown Environmental School (WES). He will be the envy of students everywhere that wish they could share the community rite-of-passage known as WES Camp.

Sammy’s friends at the East Redding Rotary Club will come too, bearing hope for the future in the form of a generous donation to the non-profit spearheading the dream to rebuild, Whiskeytown Environmental School Community. You can read about the vision to rebuild at on this website under the Projects tab.

For nearly 30 years, many local students have raised funds to support their tuition to attend outdoor education at WES by selling Rotary Raffle tickets Margaret Beck of Redding East Rotary and Chairman of the Riffle Raffle event stated that event board members know the loss of WES has been felt deeply by children, their families and the community. “WES supports our organization’s goals of youth development. We want our kids to get ‘high’ on things other than drugs and alcohol. We support funding activities that lead to better long-term health and decision making. We need this healthy alternative back in our community,” Beck observed.

The campus has not been a safe place for students since the Carr Fire burned the surrounding landscape in July of 2018. And a salmon, like Sammy, knows that when trees burn, their roots can’t do the job of keeping soil and rocks out of the river and can cause flooding for places like WES Camp. That is why helpful people are making a plan to keep kids and Salmon safe and some day we can all come back to learning and splashing in Clear Creek.

To answer questions on Thursday, in attendance will be Shasta County Office of Education Director of Science Programs, Nathan Fairchild, and Whiskeytown NRA Superintendent, Josh Hoines.