Redbud Recovery Returns!

During the first summer after the Carr Fire, Whiskeytown Environmental School Community (WESC) invited the community to write down their thoughts about what Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and WES Camp on tags and hang them on the resilient redbud trees that line the sidewalk near the Park’s Visitor Center. We collected several hundred tags over the course of the summer.

Covid pre-empted the return of our project last year but we are back! The tags and pencils (yours to keep as a souvenir of WES Camp) are available during Visitor Center hours between July 4 and Labor Day weekend. Please express your love for Whiskeytown on a tag this summer. Share a memory or experience for future generations to appreciate. Tags from 2019 and 2021 will be curated at WNRA as part of the Carr Fire Archive.

A lovely sentiment left by a visitor during the first week of Redbud Recovery. Photos by: Melinda Kashuba