How can I help?

WES Camp site shown with burned cabins following the Carr Fire.
Cabins burned during the Carr Fire. Image courtesy of the National Park Service.

The urge is natural. We want to pick up a shovel or grab a hammer and go to work clearing and rebuilding our beloved WES stone-by-stone and board-by-board.

Its going to take time and patience.

Our partnership is setting in motion the planning it will take to return WES home. It won’t be the same as before the Carr Fire but it will accomplish the same over-arching goal: to teach the next generation to appreciate nature, nurture our precious resources, and embrace a future of resilience and change through friendship and cooperation.

How can I help?

Spread the word that WES lives! WES is coming back.

Attend a future public meeting on WES planning.

Volunteer to help our fund raising efforts.

Attend the 50th Anniversary celebration on September 26, 2020 at WES. We will need volunteers to help during the 50th Anniversary. Details forthcoming in our Newsletter during Summer 2020.

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