Our Mission

The Whiskeytown Environmental School is an institution that:

  • Engages children, adults, students, teachers, mentors, families, rangers, and scientists;
  • Sustains and builds upon the rich history of environmental and science learning at the site;
  • Provides hands-on, minds-on environmental science education that supports California standards;
  • Models learner-centered, co-created, field-based science education and scholarship based on current research of how people learn;
  • Believes all young people deserve consistent opportunities to build meaningful connections to their natural and cultural heritage by spending time in wild and historic places within their own communities;
  • Preserves the secluded sense of sanctuary and safety optimal for distraction-free, immersive, transformative experiences;
  • Creates future leaders and life-long stewards;
  • Develops and maintains facilities capable of meeting the diverse and evolving needs of community learning; and
  • Serves as a model of fiscal, social and environmental sustainability.